Some boring shit…To save you from the trouble…

Blood Ritual will only deliver items that I also own in my personal collection and I like! Besides the usual stuff of course that I listen. So it can be from underground-and I mean UNDERGROUND-Black Metal till Noisecore and Doom/Sludge (no hippie shit) till Crustcore. In any case music genres and such matters always bored me to death. If I like it and I can get some more copies besides mine… well… that’s about it!!

Do NOT come here for Suicidal/Depressive “Black” Metal! DO NOT come here for releases from labels with wide distribution, I do not care if they call themselves underground or not and who am I  to judge?But does anyone really needs one more online store with releases from  HHR ,No Colours , Season of Mist and such labels?

Same goes for the 27 different editions of the same work from the same band released from the same label.Enough!!!At least for me..i will bring-if i bring-one and only edition ,preferable on black vinyl and that s about it.So if you are a die hard collector better check somewhere else.

Also  DO NOT bother if you are a “true black metal maniac”… I  have absolutely no interest in Drowning The Light  39th release, in my personal collection I have only 1 Watain Lp, I think Satanic Warmaster, besides Carelian,  is a below average band and I believe that Peste Noire sends the entire French scene, Deathspell Omega included, back to the kindergarten… so I m totally untrue and not enough maniac for you, sorry!

Blood Ritual has no intention or need to support any kind of scene.I support only my personal taste!!

If all the above sounds  o.k. with you it certainly suits me and you are welcome here.


General info:

-Most products are marked with “1 available” even though i may have some more copies of some  titles.But i m too lazy to check and update the store every day so feel free to ask if something s out of stock…!No guarantee of course…just in case..
-Postage costs is not included, it will be added as soon as you complete your online order! As the Hellenic postal services are going crazy if there’s any difference with your postage costs I will contact you asap or refund you the extra amount in case you paid more than needed. Of course you can just order by mail and I can calculate them for you.
-Methods of payment are
Bank account (contact for info)
Cash in a registered letter (contact for info)
Payment on delivery (Only for Greece)